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Best Features of Our Free PSN Code Generator tool?

Easy to use

Just follow the steps shown above, You will be redirected to PSN Code Generator Once All Steps Are Completed And You Are Verified You can Redeem the Code Instantly.


No download is required. We have developed this application online so the user does not need to download anything and fear for the security of their system.

Updated regularly

We keep the generator updated regularly by fixing all the problems/bugs reported by our users. All generated codes work with one of the PlayStation Console modes.

About the PSN Code Generator Project

We started our PSN Code generator project back in 2017 to provide unlimited Free PSN codes to PlayStation lovers. This is our first version, we serverd more than 15,000 PSN codes for free to our users. We have improved our system and stabilized to accommodate thousand of the users at a time who are looking to generate PSN codes.


I've used this PSN code generator tool A few months and am really very impressed with the tool. Please don't take this site down.

Leal Plouffe

Playstation Network User

I love playing PS4 games when I get time, but can't afford money for new games. I stumbled upon this site from and first time I thought its fake and would not work. But to my surprise, it worked and I got a PSN code instanlty.

Gilles Dufresne

Playstation Network User

Although you have a limit of only PSN Code is one day this is always impressive. I hope you will fix the minor bugs here and there. Thank you.

Turner Barrientos

Playstation Network User


How long will this generator be live?

We have been running this site for over two years. but on different domains due to copy rights issues. Take advantage of the codes until its online.

How to reveal the complete code?

In order to protect our system from abusing (many users take more than 1 PSN code per day), we have set up a filter where you have to prove that you are human and not automated bot.

When can I use the PSN code after I have revealed the full code?

You will have up to 24 hours to redeem the code in your PSN account after full code is revealed. After 24 hours, the code will get inactive.